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Heading north east from Charleston

The Elk River

West Virginia mountains

Nice to see something like this now and then

WV mountains

Traveling on Interstate 79

Lovely WV mountains

Farmland on the slopes of the mountains

Starting downhill from the mountainous area

The Monongahela River, this comes down from Pittsburgh

Interesting tree canopy to pass under, squared off by trucks

A much smaller rural road

The last farm we saw in West Virginia, there was no WELCOME...

Some of the road work that slowed us down in PA

Connellsville, PA

Business & Downtown along the Youghiogheny River in Connellsville, PA

Houses along the Youghiogheny River in Connellsville, PA



The roads are getting smaller, yike

Interesting - new addition to a very old plank house.

Small rural roads sometimes have bridges that worried me . . .

. . .this one had two in a row!

Coming into the small communities

Another historic plank house

Old & New mixed on this street, this lovely large brick house...

A few farms

Now downhill towards Manor on a very narrow street

Norwin Manor Elks Lodge on Elks Lane

Down the long tree lined driveway . . .

Up ahead on the 26 acres is the lodge building

Larry with John Comer and our friend Cindy

Pam with Larry & John

Coleen and Larry

Cheryl with Ron Rodgers

Our morning visitor, a groundhog

Oh Oh - he heard me and scurried away to safety

This fungus on a tree root looked like what we saw in...

Here we are at our "home away from home", the Norwin-Manor Elks Lodge in Manor, PA. Our journey here from Charleston, WV was a long slow one filled with road construction delays and detours. We had our GPS set on "no toll roads" which was probably a mistake. There is a toll highway that ran somewhat parallel to the route we took that would have gotten us there much sooner and less frazzled.

Pennsylvania is full of hills and windy rural roads that do not go North/South or East/West, only squiggly. And many of the rural roads are even more narrow than we have already encountered. We did have the GPS set on "Commercial Truck" so it wouldn't take us under any low bridges unexpectedly, but a couple of them still had me worried.

We have been visiting several of the friends we met in 2006 and just relaxing for a while.

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