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My flat getting fixed.

Very cool bird at Carrillo. Heron


Look at this guy. All bird were side by side.

Me at Carrillo , feeling the heat.

View from inside the store. Like to work here.

Ice cream and hose showers.

Yes they have cold beer and a pool. We are in!

This tree just melted in the heat!

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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Carrillo Biking! Hot!!!!

(MP4 - 932 K)

Live wood pecker in action!

(MP4 - 1.05 MB)

Bikeing at Samara.

Today we rented a couple of 1 speed bikes with fat tires to drive down the beach to a small town and beach about 5 kms away called Carrillo. Man, its hot in Samara, but Carrillo. Help. Its hotter. I ended up getting a very low back tire after about 25 min of pedaling. So we got a fellow to call the shop where we rented the bikes on his cell phone. Then (Skynet) the place we rented the bikes sent the tow truck. Yup the bike mechanic comes to change my tire on a scooter with a tool box. LOL. In about 15 min we were on the road again. Very fun experience. We saw some very cool bird on the swampy side of the beach. It was so hot that we had a big break with ice cream and two showers from the garden hose. Next up the hill to the pub for a beer and swim. Hmm the pool was so hot I got out quick and stood in the cool shower instead. Rox is off for her massage tonight and then we are off to dinner on our bikes. We got wheels. The bikes cost 10 buck each for 24 hours, I have to get them back by 9:30 tomorrow morning. So after yoga we will lose the wheels. Brad

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