Bryony and Nick in South America travel blog

red-footed boobie chick

Eagle ray

Dozing sea-lion

A chat after a swim

Nick getting to grips with a pair of boobies (masked)

Male frigate bird putting on a display for the ladies

Land iguana

Blue footed boobie


Tortoise porn

Ooohh, just look at the new map line, worth the trip and expense just for that I think (sorry, we are in danger of becoming obsessed by the symmetry of our map).

Not sure if we can do the Galapagos justice in words, so we have put up lots of pictures instead. Enjoy.

The highlight, which we could not capture due to the lack of a waterproof camera, was a snorkelling session which was invaded by twelve sea-lions who took great delight in hurtling past or under your body in a torpedo like fashion, and even had a nibble of your flippers.

Return to Santiago this evening.

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