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Skyline Arch

North Window Arch

Anne in the North Window

Tom in the North Window

Tom went to the sunny side of North Window and got this...

This rock could fall out under the right conditions.

A panoramic view of the North and South Window Arches.

South Window Arch

Turret Arch

Approaching Turret Arch

There was a tiny "hole" arch next to Turret Arch.

The rock formation behind Turret Arch seems to be kissing a rock...

Still in the same parking lot for the Windows and the Turret...

Along the road, Pothole Arch.

More rock formations.


An unknown arch

Balancing Rock


Another balancing act

leaving Arches NP

The cliffs towered above us

Driving down the switchbacks to the main road

We saw this sign quite often.

Wilson Arch in Canyonlands

Newspaper Rock

Ancient drawings

Ancient people (up to 4000 years ago) drew on the flat black...


Wooden Shoe Arch

The Needles

Two Six Shooters

A closer view of the "Six Shooter"


The next morning was a shock - there was a car parked right behind our RV at 8:00 AM and a lady standing in the road behind it! The next people wanted to move in right away - "after all they had checked in at 7:30!" Anne set them straight - firmly and assertively and made them move their car out of there. They said Anne was rude(!) but she set them straight too on just who was rude here! This is an incredible breach of camping etiquette - never encountered by us, ever or anywhere. The ranger backed us up, although that was only in the form of later affirmation that we were indeed entitled to privacy in our site until 10:00AM. You have a renter's title to that site until the time is up - and you don't trespass on it until then, except to put your claim ticket in the box on the road.

After that weird start, we left about 9:30 and hiked around the Windows - maybe the "most arches for your short time" hike there. Back on the main road and after a furtive attempt to find dinosaur tracks, we drove south of Moab to see the Needles District of Canyonlands - 70 miles out of the way for not much. We did see "Newspaper Rock" - where ancient people (up to 4000 years ago) drew on the flat black rock along the trail. This was a long day, ending in Blanding, UT (about 70 miles south of Moab) where we got gas and groceries and stayed at the "Gofer/Kampark" - nicer than it sounds. Anne met some nice Indian (Native American) women at the laundromat - I guess it's the Sisterhood of the Laundry wherever you go.

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