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What are all these women doing in my tent?

Classic Duel - beast versus beast.

More beasts

A little sport fishing anyone?

No more Giraffes please. I want a freaking Lion.

Slow down partner


Cliche, we know, had to be done.

Dinner time

What you lookin at?

Never had so much power in my life, probably good thing.

That's a bird

Like there was no onther spot on the entire river for water.

That's cool.

That's a bird.

Hi All.

Been in Uganda already over one month without having seen too much in the way of nature and animals, Rikke and I decided to take a trip up to Murchison Falls National Park. It was pretty cool to see so many hippo's in the wild. We also say a ton of Giraffe's (as always), some elephants, crocs, buffalo and an assortment of other cool wildlife. One of the cooler parts of being in the park is having wild boars roam around the campsite at night. By far Rikke's favorite animals were the boars. She was fixated by them and I had to pull her away from them.

We took the trip up to Murchison with two friends that we met in Jinja, Mona from Germany and Martina from Ireland. We decided to try to find free/cheap lifts all the way up to the middle of the park. On the way back to Kampala we found someone who would take us back for free. That was pretty cool cuase he had a big company vehicle that covered his gas. Only problem was that he drove 160km an hour at one point.

We're back in Bujagali falls now. I have been walking the 9km into Jinja every day the last three days to train a little for my climb up Mt Elgon. Doing that on Wednesday while Rikke will stick around in Bujagali.

See ya.

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