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We left Maine and decided to head for a Walmart in New Hampshire as we had some shopping to do and we just going to need a spot for the night to get to Vermont. The trip was fairly uneventful as we have become more familiar with how Lola works.

I have fallen in love with New England. I love the little towns, the architecture, the green rolling hills, the trees. It's all so beautiful. If it weren't for my fears about miserable winters I would be petitioning to move there. My other hesitation is the people. For some reason the people in New England are quite cool...not as in hip fashionable cool but as in aloof and a bit snooty cool. Southerners seem to be a lot friendlier. Patti had warned me about this before but i thought maybe she was exagerating a little. She wasn't.

We arrived in Stowe in the morning and immediatly noticed that the weather was warmer than Maine. We spent most of the day just hanging around the RV, catching up on school work and relaxing. Anne, Alice and Florence (alternatively known as the Harris family) arrived towards the evening and we decided that we would go over to their motel and meet them for take out dinner and to plan the next days sight seeing.

The following day we did everything humanly possible to pack as much in to the day. We spent the first part of the day driving around looking at the scenery. We went up Smuuglers Notch and to the Trapp Lodge and into a town called Morrisville. We then headed to a glass blower's studio where we watched the artist make a vase. Fascinating and I highly recommend it. We also went to a T-shirt store where Shan had T-shirt made for herself, we went to an apple cider store where they make the apple cider and have all kinds of goodies for sale. We went to Cabot cheese farm store and tried some cheeses, we went to a Chocolatier and tried some chocolate and we went to the Vermont Teddy Bear store. Have I covered everything...I hope so. Oh no, I nearly forgot the best tour of all, The Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream factory tour and more importantly the sample afterward and then the ice-creams after that. The sample was divine and if you ever come across the flavour of Bananas on the Rum do try it. It doesn't have any alcoholic flavouring which for me was a plus. I don't much care for banana flavoured anything but this was really yummy. We had already booked to have dinner at a chinese buffet and so by 6:30 we were ready to finish off the day. (Trev and I always giggle about the fact that it doesn't matter where you go in this country you can almost always find a chinese buffet and the food seems the same and differs only by it's degree of freshness.) To say that we were very full by the end of this day is a major understatement and we were all ready for bed early that night.

Tristin was the only one who didn't eat much that day and at about 3am I discovered why when he climbed onto my bed and told me he had just been sick.

"Shame my love! Poor darling, come lie in mommy's bed."

He snuggles into my bed and then sleepily says, "Oh mom, there's puke all over the floor."

Hmmmmm. I don't have to tell you that puke all over any floor is no welcomed surprise. Puke on an RV floor just seems like cruel and unusual punishment. And of course, it's never just on the floor.

So that was pretty much how we ended our time in Stowe because the next morning we decided that we really wanted to stay in campground that had showers with hot water and doors that close on the stalls and a sewerage connection and the Harris family were leaving that day so it seemed a good time to move on. The Haris's came over to say goodbye bringing gifts for the kids for halloween, brownies, apple cider, cider donuts and brownies. What can I tell you! These ladies are angels and my children are in love with them. ( A note for the SA crowd: Apple cider is not the same stuff as the cider in SA which is great going down but nasty coming back and leaves you with a horrendous hangover. The cider here is like a crisp apple juice.)

Our next destination: Qubec, Canada

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