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Along the way, looking over a bridge

In Queenstown, taking a gondola ride up a mountain

At the top

Lake at Queenstown

An you see them? Tired of being in the car, so they...

Zoomed in, there they are.

Our view from the car taken while driving

During our stay in Queenstown we realized this was another place where we could live. We fell in love with the beauty of the city. It is small but with a modern feel. The first day we tood a gondola ride up a mountain and saw spectacular views. Our favorite activity in Queenstown was hiking. We took a 3 hour hike up a mountain by the lake. It was actually a peninsula so we could see the unbelieveable views of the lake on both sides of the mountain. The colour of the lake was also not to be believed. It was jsut like the ocean in a carribean island. Clear turquoise. Once we climbed to the top we just all sat in awe at what was in front of us. On Sisley's suggestion we meditated for a few minutes. It was so peaceful and I think the kids actually appreciated and enjoyed that.

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