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the highest part in Thailand

The kings Wat.







Chaing Mai, after a short jump we landed to cooler weather and a smaller town. As I had expected our pickup was not there and I had to call the local travel agent to remind her that she was to pick us up. I don't think I would of been as pissed if I had been by myself but I wasn't so I was a bit aggitated. But she finally showed up and off we were to Tamarind Village. It was nice, maybe a bit over priced, but it was nice to spend some down time and not be running around everyday. Plus the weather was great as the temp and humidity had dropped since we were almost at the most northern part of the country.

On our first night Jen stayed in and rested a bit while I went out for a quick walk around the neighborhood and a drink. The walk lasted only a few blocks and the drink ended up being more then one (a liter of beer and 3 shot's of tequila) but I met a "American Mike" and we ended up bs'ing about his writing and my interest in finding a good story to photograph. We ended up talking about the problems with the anti american sentiment in Southern Thailand and the production and traffiking of drugs in Southern China. He was heading there to hopefully do a story the following weekend. We even got into Vietnam and Air America. As much as I was enjoying the topics I knew I had to get back so after my last shot of tequila I was out the door and grabbing food and desert for myself and Jen. Whom I found sitting by the pool a bit pissed that I had gone out and gotten a bit pissed (drunk). But I did come home with food so that helped to smooth things over.

Over the next few days we explored the town visiting some Wats (I am officially all watted out, no more temples for me if I can help it), the late night markets and checking out the neighborhoods. We also signed up for a tour of a national park, xxxxxx, which included one of the kings pet project, growing flowers since they can no longer grow poppies.

The tour was better then I had thought it was going to be and it only made me want to come back up this way and spend some more time. Go down a river on a bamboo raft, ride some elephants and even do some trekking up into the hills. next time I guess.

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