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Saturday was such a great day. But by Saturday night JC started feeling queazy, along with a couple of unscheduled trips to the bathroom. We woke up on Sunday with JC feeling really punky. We started thinking he had food poisoning. I was feeling OK and we more or less ate the same stuff.

As Sunday rolled into Monday, it became obvious JC was in trouble. We rushed off to a local clinic and after bouts of really bad vomiting (sorry to be so graphic), it definitely was food poisoning. We suspect it was the clams in the potpourri of the steamed fish we shared for lunch on Saturday. I think he ate one clam that was not open. What a way to spoil that really good prime rib dinner.

I am happy to say JC is doing much better today. It is however raining pretty good. It is probably better we take it easy anyway. The one thing we really wanted to do was take the ferry to Victoria, Canada and visit the parliament. Next time.

If our mail shows up tomorrow, we will be leaving for Electric City, Wa to visit the Grand Coulee Dam. Really looking forward to our next adventure. And, can hardly wait to return to Washington for a more lengthy visit.

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