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mmmmmmmm cheesey!!! That's a string of cheese not dribble coming out of...

Set-up for the day. Cheese on toast and a spot of HP....

View from the top of the Mountain

The bus

Oh Yea!

Bike CHECK, Rain jacket CHECK, Gloves CHECK, Shades CHECK, Helmet at a...

On yer bike!

I'm the leeeeader,I'm the leeeeader..I'm the leader of the gang, I am!


What I think of being over taken!

It's thirsty work all this rolling down a hill malarkey! It's vodka...


Austen's first attempt at a timed action shot

Let's off road

Em's hand started to spaz out at how extreme it was having...

1/2 a tonne of orange + gravity = EXTREME OFF ROADING!!!

The classic arse shot for the ladies.

Juice and biccys to keep our free-wheeling strength up!!!

Em's the latest recruit to the 'special' gang.

A photo of the photo of our groovy gang!

Some real life birds to go with the other statues.

Em panics at yet another road

Ok the tide does look like it's come in a bit futher...

Dunno what this was but it looks cool. We guess it's a...

A close up of the U.S.B. (unidentified solitary building)

Fingers crossed we don't bump into one of these little devils!

Pirates Cove on the way to Port Alfred

Our tripple decker bunks!!

Mmmmmm my 'gourmet' steak sanga

Please punch this man if you ever see him (our 'guide' on...

The novelty soon wears off trust me!

The eerily lit church........ooooooooooooooh and two ghostly blobs (of dirt) haunting (our...

Em burnt her left hand.

A scary wall!

More scary wall.....are you scared yet!?


The stairs OF DOOOOOOM

In the underground "disecting room" where he told us about a haunted...

It all got a bit too much for me

The prison cells

These cells were EXTRA haunted!

Well.....what a busy day we had today!

We started off with a mountain biking trip down Mount Wellington.

We got picked up at 1.30pm and done a bit of a loop of Hobart to pick everyone up. It was a mish mash group of ages and nationalitys.

We then drove to the top of the mountain (1,270 metres above sea level) to start our descent.

Unfortunatly it was too windy infact when we jumped out of the bus Ozz's glasses blew off his face and off the edge of the cliff, he literally done an action style dive and caught them, I wish I had caught this on camera but it all happened so fast! (I did skin my knee though :( !!!!).

So we ended up starting about 2 minutes away about 50 metres down and round the corner a bit! (too much information!?!?).

So after kitting ourselves out with gloves, jackets and helmets we were off!

Literally we didn't have to peddle the whole way down! (But it still counts as exercise!!)

We stopped at a few points along the way, one of which was an optional "off road" track which we all opted for. It was a little bit hairy at some points (which Ozz loved for various reasons!) One poor girl come off her bike and cut her knee up pretty bad!

After this it we stopped off for tea and biccys in a park at the bottom of the mountain then it was a little cycle through Hobart city back to the Harbour where we finished!

We both really really enjoyed ourselves and the views of Hobart and beyond were spectacular!

After we got dropped off we dashed off to Avis to pick up our car we have rented for the next 6 days. We got a Hyundai something or other, a little less executive than the corolla but perfect for what we want!

So we picked that up then went back to the Hostel to grab our bags and got straight on the road bound for Port Arthur.

It took around an hour to get there. We were staying in dorm in a campsite which in the travel book is discribed as a concrete block with 3 tier bunks! (sounds like a prison!) When we arrived it was pretty much how it was described! However, it was clean and the camp site was pretty cool, so it was all good!

We picked up our bedding, dumped our stuff made our bed and left as we have a ghost tour booked tonight at Port Alfred!!

As we had been pretty busy today we didn't eat much so stopped at a nice(gourmet/a bit poncey!) restaurant near the tour place for din dins!

Our food was pretty sweet though! and a lot cheaper than the faux mock tudor traditional "English" pub we stopped and swiftly exited on the way here!

So the Ghost tour.........Yeaaaaaa, it was interesting to say the least! Now I think Ozz will agree here, I am the biggest scardy cat going! but I don't think I have laughed (internally) this much in a while!

It was a good set up and the it was in old convict prison grounds. There was a church, a few prison blocks, and lots of housing for the staff that worked there at the time (ie the Reverend, Accountants and Doctors).

I volunteered to be one of the 3 lantern carriers! (which I was bored with with in about 3 minutes!) and off we went on our ghost walk!

The first stop was the church where the guide began to explain about some horrific murders that went on here and the ghost that wanders the tower.....when it suddenly dawened on us that the guy could barely string a sentence together! which isn't necessarily a good thing if you talk for a living!

By the 3rd stop it had just become cringe worthy! he was just making up words and used the word "however" (tried to be said in a mysterious way!) at the start of every other sentence!

However...........he did begin to tell a good story that went a little like this...

"I have a really good story, I got something on camera once......but I can't tell you about it because nothing has been proved......"

and other such classics like....

"And here is the Asylum (said in an eery voice).......which has now been turned in to a museum and cafateria"

Also while waiting for another tour to finish in the prison area, he made a half hearted attempt at small talk to see if anyone had seen any ghosts, a little girl said that earlier in the day her and her mum heard footsteps in the bell tower, to which the guide replied, "Yea that happens all the time" BAM!....he shot down the only crowd he had on his side!

So we probably enjoyed this trip for the wrong reasons! but the site was beautiful and with the right guide tour guide it could have been very scary and informative. Unfortunatly, ours was either new or drunk!

The trip finished at around 11pm and we had a 5 minute drive back to camp where upon I discovered my nicely made bed that I was looking forward to getting in to, had been stripped! I was tired and cold and before I could think about anything I was shouting the 2 people asleep in the dorm who had nicked my bedding!!! finally the french girl admited to it and I got my sheets and went to sleep!

Other than that a really busy really fun day!


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