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Well today is my last day here in WA before heading off again. Ann made me Bangers and Mash with Peas for dinner last night. It was bloody fantastic. Nice to head off this round to something more me.

Nanna has come out to the farm so I can get to spend some more time with her. I'm going to miss her so much. She's not keen on me going and has let me know it but joked at one stage that she'd be coming with me in my backpack!

You'd think with all the extra time I had before I left, that I would have gotten everything done. Not so. So much has been left unfinished and that's not even to mention my mates. A BIG SORRY to those that I did not get to visit or even contact when I was home. I have been a lousy friend for that reason and I apologise. Please accept the fact that shit did not stop hitting the fan for me while I was home and time was something I sorely lacked.

The car still had issues so I had to give myself plenty of time to get to Perth in case she has another 'fart'. OK bad wording, that makes it sound like she's back firing. 'Hiccup' would be more appropriate. Either way she keeps failing on me and the top speed I'm looking at is 95 if I'm lucky. We got there with only one incident. Bloody lucky too as I think the RAC was getting sick of my calls for a tow!

Nev and the girls did not go away for the weekend so I'm heading straight there. I can leave the car with him and he can drive me to the airport. Okay I drove but I like control, what can I say! We had chicken for dinner as it's the last I'll be able to have as I'm not risking it in Asia.

Emma had a piss up to go to with Jeff so a while after she left, Nev, Codey and I headed for the airport. Codey is so cute. She knew the time I had to go and kept threatening to dial the clock back so I didn't have to go.

I made sure that my drop off was to be a simple affair (so as little drama as possible after last time). I pulled up in the 'drop off, pick up zone' and wished them 'see you soon'. Time will fly as it does so it will come around for them faster than they expect.

I joined the queue which had already reached an impressive length. It seems that most have cottoned on to the fact that you should get there 3 hours early. Bastards.

I asked for an aisle seat as I hoped to get some sleep and if I had that seat, I could at least turn my head...and hide possible droolidge!!! I was informed that it had been requested for me so I can only guess that Denise who organised my flight had done it for me. What a champ. Wonder if she was able to do that for all my flights?

I didn't get lucky like some and was put in a row that was full. Bugger. I wanted to be slack and stretch out. I saw some others get that chance so jealousy raised her head a little bit. The two others in my row were Asian and had fallen asleep before we had finished boarding. Lucky bastards. I get the distinct impression that I am in for a long day.

My flight left at 1.05 am Sunday morning as scheduled. I had been up since 6.30 am. I also have a bus trip of several hours in front of me when I land. This is the third time I have been to Singapore so I'm heading straight out and into Malaysia.

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