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Relief map of the Olympic National Park


This valley is part of the Elwha Dam once supported. The dam...

Lake Crescent

Storm King Ranger station at Lake Crescent, one o 15 ranger stations.

Not a care in the world

The trail head leading to Marymere Falls

Interesting exposed root structures

This tree has had a rough life

Supporting rock wall

Very heavy with mosses

This was once a very large redwood

Tiny little ferns only one inch long


Just around the corner

A lot of spray coming off of the falls is making my...

Marymere Falls

Base of falls

Everything grows in abundance in this forest

Creepy moss hanging everywhere

Twisted limbs make this look a movie set for the swamp beast

It is really beautiful

Rough carving of a critter along the highway

This was in front of a restaurant called "Grandma's"

Prime Rib

JC's taste of solid beef in a very long time

After lunch at the 3 Crabs Restaurant on the Dungeness Bay, we drove west to the Olympic National Park Visitors Center Wilderness Information Center at Port Angeles.

The Olympic National Park is 95% of the one million acres that Congress has dedicated for protection under the 1964 Wilderness Act. This also includes the Olympic National Forest and over 600 islands in the National Wildlife Refuge. Not all the residents of the Olympic Peninsula are happy about the situation. We have noticed signs indicating that residents feel expansion of the wilderness takes jobs away. I have not researched the issue. If we were staying longer, I would probably find out a little more. What I do know is that this part of Washington is beautiful! We will have to stay a whole season to see all that there is to see.

I really wanted to see some of the rain forest that is located within the park. The nearest was almost another 2 hour drive and a 5 mile hike. The ranger suggested we check out Marymere Falls near Lake Crescent. Though the falls are not rain forest, the ranger said we would get a similar experience. Lake Crescent was only about 20 miles further west and about a 1 to 1 1/2 hour hike.

Lake Crescent is beautiful, clear and inviting. When we pulled into the parking lot there was a family of Black-tailed Deer grazing next to the small Storm King Ranger Station in this part of the park. They were fearless. Just kept feeding while we took pictures.

What a treat. It was an easy walk to the falls. A little muddy and damp, but so beautiful. The forest was thick with mosses, lichens, trillium, and numerous kinds of ferns. I was looking for leprechauns!

We ended our day by stopping a 7 Cedars Casino in the small town of Blyn. The casino took some of our money, but the buffet was 5 star. Without a doubt, really good food for a restaurant. Outstanding for a buffet. On Saturday nights, prime rib is served. It was so tender and the texture so fine, JC was able to eat it! This is the first beef besides hamburger (ground turkey) in a very long time.

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