Sheate's World Tour 06/07 travel blog

As easy as walking through the turnstyles......

.......we arrive into Mexico!


Up into the strip

Avenida Revolucion

Flying proud

Anyone for drinks - Come to Plaza Fiesta

Chili's, Sol beer, Margarita's and Taco's - perfect!

Off back to America

Borders between USA and Mexico

Arriba Arriba!

When you are so close to the Mexican border it would be rude not to pop over and say hola!

We set off on our 20min walk to Tijuana. Passing only revolving gates we found the Immigration Office where the officer in charge was leaning back in his chair chewing on a toothpick whilst having his shoes cleaned. He spoke to us in Spanish and we conversed. He told us that no forms were needed for the day and to have a great day. Crossing over the border was as easy as that! Only in Latin American countries - we love it!

Americans have used Tijuana as a quick escape from the moral and rigid laws in the USA where teenagers aged over 18 years cross over the border for booze, boobs and much debauchery. Just like a typical night in south London! Tijuana is Mexico's 4th largest city and one of the richest and also tackiest!

We headed off to the Avenida Revolucion, and its stores selling tacky souvenirs as well as restaurants, bars and strip joint touts all pressing for your trade. The street photographers and their stripey zebra's, wearing brightly coloured burros are on every street corner harrass you for a photo and finally after many "No Gracias Senor" we headed all the way to the top of the road before cutting down one of the side streets to Paseo de Los Heroes. There was very little to see on the Avenida.

On Paseo de Los Heroes we took a quick walk around the Plaza Fiesta where the weekend parties take place (we were told this by a lad in a queue at the local supermarket in San Ysidro). As it was mid afternoon nothing was going on so we headed back up to the Avenida Revolucion to treat ourselves to lunch. After bargaining with the owner to give us two free margarita's (ok so we are cheap) we headed up to the balcony overlooking the street for lunch. With margarita's in hand we ordered some taco's and a couple of Sol beers. We passed on the neat tequila shot as the two of us were already well on our way with the other two drinks! As they say "When in Mexico"!

Stuffed and ready to salsa we headed out of the restaurant and walked back to the border. On the way we noted the huge, high concrete and wire fences making up the border between the USA and Mexico. There are houses all the way up to the fence on the Mexican side but on the USA side it is wilderness. At the border we had few chatty words for the grumpy US border control man, but he probably wasn't in the mood for a couple of drunk tourists anyway.

Tijuana is pretty tacky. If you have just a day then this is a great place to come. But come in the afternoon and the nightime. Its so easy. We just wished we had much longer in Mexico, to see the real Mexico. Next time!

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