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Flying Out - View of Balikpapan

Airport Welcome to Surabaya

Today, at the airport checking in the desk guy did the same drill, "Do you have onward flight? Where are you going?" Etc. It's almost on the verge of an interrogation, no smiles and insistent! I remain silent, of course, since these things get to me easily. For some reason, I think it is none of their business but I know if I react negatively it will only provoke them more as has happened in the past. "Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose" JJ

Again, amazing that smoking is permitted on buses. This country is full of smokers, I even saw a guy on his motor bike speeding down the street smoking. By the way, motorbikes are just as numerous here as in Bankok or Hanoi, and just as crazy, maybe more so since I saw kids who couldn't be more than 14 driving them!

In Balikpapan we took a taxi to Gelora Equatorial Travel where they very nicely assisted us in purchasing tickets to Bali (Denpasar). Bon said she;d checked prices a week or so ago and these folks saved us $30 US from what they were on Lion Air at that time. Great! We took LP suggested Hotel Aida room, then checked out the Plaza Mall hoping to find an internet - found none! Bon says she believes it's the US phenomenon here, most well off Indonesians (poor have no need for it) either have a tablet/laptop or smartphone - reason for all the Wifi hotspots. Whatever the reason, internet is scarce here so far. Miss my tablet even more as I get further behind in updating and photos on the site.

Also, very irritating is the amount of smoking allowed on buses/taxis, etc. The only country we've visited which allows it - perhaps because nearly all males smoke!?

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