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Equestrian Statue of Simón Bolívar Located in Centre of Parque Seminario (also...

Catedral Metropolitana Nearby

Parque Seminario (also known as Parque de Las Iguanas or Iguana Park)...

Parque Seminario (also known as Parque de Las Iguanas)

Bus...6 hours, much longer than expected due to car accident (waiting for truck to haul out car), two places where only single lane traffic going one way each time (half hour wait +), and just plain slow. Once out of the beautiful Caja Natl Park and down in the flats we see miles of banana, rice, and sugar cane fields, as well as fallow land...but most in productive agriculture. Arr in dark, get taxi to ( ), just an overnite before heading to airport 6 am and plane to Baltra to meet our tour/cruise group.

We took a walk to nearby park..."Parque Seminario (also known as Parque de Las Iguanas or Iguana Park) located on 10 de Agosto Avenue and Chile Avenue, is home to many iguanas, some of which approach 5 feet in length. Tourists and locals alike often feed the iguanas mango slices from park vendors. There is also a pond filled with colourful Japanese Tilapia. An equestrian statue of Simón Bolívar is located in the centre of the park." See Pics.

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