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Found this unusual Bed & Breakfast on one side of town

B & B dining car

B & B Caboose cars

Breath taking view of the snow capped mountains

Olympic Game Farm

Shake, rattle & roll that behind

Turning & turning

The front of this strutting peacock

The colors of this bird are jewel like

Yaks everywhere looking for a handout

Nap time

Whatcha got??

Very big grizzly

Gentle charging moose, mine, mine, mine

Such a sweet face in my face

Very nice set of antlers

Here they come a runnin towards us

Siberian Tiger

An old school house that can be rented for events

It was built in 1893 and used as a school house until...

Some shoreline flowers

Yummy food

Great view of the Dungeness Lighthouse through the arch

It is so green with lots and lots of dandelions on the...



Today was a FULL day. There are numerous bays/ports and small towns that dot the US coastline of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Puget Sound. First stop was the little town of Sequim.

Here we found a the Olympic Game Farm. This is an unusual wild animal park. At this time of year, only driving tours are permitted. This park worked for Disney in the 50's and 60's providing animal actors for many heart warming animals.

The animals are everywhere. One needs to take care with the moose, lama's, deer. They get up close and personal, sticking their heads and horns right in your car looking for a some whole wheat bread. The bread is for sale to freely feel all the animals. The tigers and grizzlies were behind fencing..

Sequim is also home to the famed Dungeness Bay. Named after a place in England called Dungeness, this is one location where the tasty Dungeness Crab can adorn your table today. Dungeness crabs thrive in this area and all the way up into Alaska. In October there is a huge Crab Festival. The locals say they are trying to complete with the great Salmon Festival. We ate a scrimptious lunch at the famed 3 Crabs Restaurant overlooking the Dungeness Bay and the 150 year old Dungeness Lighthouse. A little pricey but it was good.

Driving in the area we discovered an unusual bed & breakfast called the Red Caboose Get Away. The sign included the notice that there was a $20 charge to take pictures. So I took them from the car. That is no way to advertise. Instead of a traditional sticks & bricks house, the 'rooms' were cabooses. Very cool.

We also found the Dungeness School House. Built in 1893, it was in use until 1955. Today, the building can be rented. Driving the coastline and farms is really something. A far cry from the our winter in Arizona.

The remainder of our day is continued in the next blog.

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