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Today we had to check out of our room by 10 then all we have to do is go to the post office and to send back some stuff and get to the airport..........What do you mean it's Sunday!

Yes we have been here 10 days right next door to a post office and we leave it till the last possible moment ON A SUNDAY When the post office is closed......we are officially useless!

So we had to cram all the stuff in to our bags and hope they don't charge us excess baggage!

We went for a bit of brecko in a cafe! (we can't remember the last time we ate brecko out!!)

then decided to save some money and get the train to the airport as it is only 4 stops away and the hostel charges $20 for 2 people.

This however backfired as the train ticket was $14 each! Neeeeever mind!

The flight to Hobart went smoothly and it took 1.5 hours.

When we got there it was quite chilly....19 degrees :( we went to investigate about getting a car but they were all booked up so we jumped on a coach and the strange tasmanian driver told us through his 2 teeth he would drop us right to our hostel. Bonus!

The hostel is ok, there isn't much choice really as apparently none of them are great.

We are in a 10 bed dorm which is pretty cramped but it will do for 2 days.

We inquired at the hostel desk if there was much to do and she said no.....there's not a lot to do in Hobart! Excellent!!

We went for a wander to Woolies to stock up on supplies then come back and made dinner which consisted of a "miscellanious" meat pie, new potats and beans YUM! (I did come up in a big strange rash on my side after this but we can't confirm this is connected to the pie!)

After this we met Ken....the drunk Tasmanian man that is sleeping on the bunk below me....he seems harmless but very drunk.....all of the time!

We crashed pretty early apart from Ken trying to talk to us through out the night and offering us pickled onions!


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