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To keep on the roll of all things yummy, I headed for The Fudge Factory. I had experienced it once before when my friends Russ and Rich had taken me to it. I tried a couple of samples and wasn't overly taken with them so grabbed a couple of other kinds and put them in my esky. I think Mum might enjoy trying the Caramel Ginger fudge. Not my cup of tea but she likes that sort of thing.

So by this stage the heat and activities of the day had gotten control of me and I headed to the Tourist Bureau to get some accommodation. I managed to get a cottage at the Caravan Park. Fully self contained but all I was interested in was the fridge, air con and laundry facilities.

After I got the stuff put in the fridge and everything out of the car, I laid down with a bottle of water and rested. After a nap I thought I was better but soon as I moved the headache came back. So I picked myself up and headed for the store. Herron you are my hero. I also grabbed some more juice.

So I have finally got some washing done and felt for the people in tents. It was my plan to do that myself but right now air con has won. One question, why is it that the women's shower and toilet block have a wall between them and the window to protect their privacy but the guys doesn't? Hey all I can say was that he had a nice body ; )

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