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Tim Admiring Towel Sculpture in Our Cabin

Great Frigatebird

Baltros Harbor - Lots of Cruise Boats...This One Similar to Ours

Baltros Harbor - Lots of Cruise Boats

Baltros Harbor - Lots of Cruise Boats...This One Similar to Ours

Wolf, Bon, Anya, & Andrew


Our First Beach - Santa Cruz - Quite a Crowd

Some Flora

Our First Exploratory Hike

Paul, Bon, Ana, & Edwardo (Facing Away W/ Hat)


Edwardo, Bickla, & Adas

Turtle Tracks

Amazing Colors

Marine Iguana

Marine Iguana (Lt) & Wht-Cheeked Pintail Duck

Marine Iguana (Lt) & Wht-Cheeked Pintail Duck



Great Blue Heron

Greater Flamingo

Dock Remains

Our First Sunset

UPDATE 12-18-2018:

As The Seas Warm


UPDATE 12 April 2017:

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By Jane Palmer



Did not expect a meal but got one on plane. Sangay had told us our $10 airport tax was paid, failed to give us a recpt. so we had to pay it again to get into Galapagos...several other irregularities which were upsetting require me to NOT recommend Sangay as a tour agent for any who wish to book tours to Galapagos!

Luckily, the Eden tour guide, Edwardo, was there and able to explain everything, calm us down, and get us onward. Once in the hands of this fine crew aboard Eden we enjoyed the trip tremendously. The group aboard (14 and then 12) were very compatible and also made the tour most enjoyable.

If anyone reading this has an interest in a tour, the personnel aboard who we found very nice and helpful:

Edwardo - Guide

Fernando - Excellent Cook

Alejandro - Bar Tender Supreme

Miguel - Captains' Assist & Boatman

Alex - Engineer & Boatman

Clever - Very Able Captain

Folks on board: Wolf & Anya - Germany, traveling all the way down S. Am. via their own vehicle. Ana - Spain, young biologist full of energy & always the optimist! Arthur - Dutch young person, in betw. Spanish school and internship in Ecuador. Taught us great card game, te??? sorry the name slips my memory. Andrew, Paul, Grace, & Kristal - four just grad. Canadian med students, fine company and card players extraordinaire. Bickla & Adas - Israel, for first 4 days...Adas just out of military service, Bickla a tour agent in Israel. Jon - US, LA but mostly a world traveler having retired early from dotcom stuff. Nalini - Norway, for first 4 education, worked as volunteer in Ecuador a year and now facing return to Norway, and back to school for Masters in education.

Great conversations, wonderful people and couldn't have enjoyed it more (tho it would have been nice to see hammerhead sharks, ha!:)

Island / Sea life Seen:)

marine iguana, greater flamingo, black/pacific green turtle, wrasse, blue-chin parrotfish, giant damselfish, Galapagos grunt, yellow-tailed damselfish, razor surgeonfish, king angelfish, pufferfish, whitetipped shark, brown pelican, bluefoot booby, great frigatebird, GBH (great blue heron), white cheeked Galapagos pintail, whimbrel.

Marine Iguana Info

Greater Flamingo Info

Green Sea Turtle Info

Parrotfish Info

Giant Damselfish

Damselfish Info

Galapagos grunt Info

Razor Surgeonfish Info

King Angelfish Info

Puffer Fish Info

Whitetip Shark Info

Brown Pelican Info

Blue Footed Booby Info

Great Frigatebird Info

Great Blue Heron Info

Gala white-cheeked Pintail Duck Info

Whimbrel Info

Went Baltra airport to Santa Cruz beach & hike, Bachas.


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