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Not too much happened today either really but still we feel the need to fill you in.....!

We have decided that the camera we got is cool, but not amazing! and it is pretty big and seeing as we are not sure and we leave tomorrow we had better exchange it before we leave Sydney. So we went for the updated version of the same camera that we lost.......and we are pretty happy with it!!! (so far anyway!!!).

I also replaced the hoodie and flip flops that were lost but exchanged all of those today too! (same thing different country eh sis (Nicola)!!!!....)

I also brought a new suit case......well seeing as the bag that was lost was the front bit to my backpack I have lost loads of space and the cheapest option was to just by a cheap case from Woolies for 20 quid! but It's HUGE!!!!! So have to see how that goes.

Then we had a epic stint on the internet, packed our bags and had spagetti on toast!

seeeeee.....I told you nothing much happened today!!!!


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