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Heading Out For Snorkelling From Eden

Seals Couldn't be More Relaxed...But What Were They Thinking!

Almost Blend in w/ Rocks







Regurgitating Lunch For a Young One





Swallow-tailed Gull (Night Fisher)

Edwardo Does His Booby Male Mating Performance...But No Takers, Ha!

Okay, Edwardo, Watch Closely!

Here's The Way It's Done For Real, Edwardo (Says a Booby)







Hiking Along the Trail - Frigatebirds Hunting For Prey

Our Boat & Some of the Gang




Man, These Places Attract Crowds

Wish You Could Hear Them Talk


Bon & Beach - They Just Go Together!


They Say This One is Over 50 Years Old

Notice the Nest & Bird!




Bummer! We Aren't the Only Ones Here, Ha!

I'd Like to Lie Down and Rest With Them!

B & T - Santa Fe Is.

See Pics

Land & Sea Life Seen:)

N.Seymour...great walk on shore

*All Critters marked like this indicates first time observed!

bluefooted booby, sm yellow tree finch*, great frigatebird (red pouch), magnificent frigatebird*, swallow-tailed gull* (night fishing-followed our boat most nights), brn pelican, Galapagos sealion*, land iguana*, marine iguana, yellowtailed grunts*.

Yellow Tree Finch +++

Magnificent Frigatebird

Swallowtailed Gull

Swallowtail Gull

Gala Sea Lion

Gala Land Iguana

Yellow Tailed Grunt Info

All Marine Fish I.D.

Santa Fe

*All Critters marked like this indicates first time observed! striped salema* (lg school), king angelfish, Galapagos seabream*, burrito grunt*, stripebelly puffer*?, Galapagos sealions, sm br finch*, Gala dove* (blue eye), large land iguana, prickly pear cactus* (50+ yrs old), Gala mocking bird*

Black Striped Salema

Black Striped Salema

Gala Seabream

Burrito Grunt

Stripebelly Puffer

Brown Finch + Millions More!

Gala Dove

Prickly Pear Cactus

Gala Mockingbird

* All Critters marked like this indicates first time observed!

Problems in Paradise

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