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One of many statues: "Winged Victory" a memorial to WW I

Trees heavy with blossoms and rain

The blossoms are spectacular!

The front of the legislative building

The Washington State Seal, a simple portrait of George Washington

Looking down at the rotunda and the seal. Spectacular marble.

Dedicated to Martin Luther King.

The House of Representatives: referred to as the lower house

The Senate: referred to as the higher house

I loved this Italian marble and the light fixture by Tiffany

This chandelier is 8 feed across at it's widest point. Also by...

Another view of the same huge chandelier.

Some more of the rotunda. Really impressive.

Many varieties of flowers on the grounds.

More of the flowers decorating the grounds.

Two state capitals in a row! Olympia is the capital of Washington State. The capital campus is unique in that encompasses multiple buildings. The domed building is dedicated to legislative functions. The grounds are beautiful. The narrow streets surrounding the campus are lined with flowering cherry trees. It has been raining for several days and the trees are heavy with wet blossoms.

The state seal is of George Washington. All the state highway numbers are displayed on the profile of George Washington. There are 42 steps that lead up to the entrance of the legislative building symbolizing that Washington was the 42nd statue to enter the union.

All of the chandeliers, sconces and candelabra were designed and made by Tiffany. Many are priceless today. The most spectacular is the chandler that hangs from the dome.

This is not my favorite capital, but it is very impressive. You will find some granite, but mostly marble throughout the building. As most capital buildings, there is symbolism everywhere. From the smallest brass accent to the carpets laid in both houses. This capital is all about large spaces. The entry way is 75 feet long. The rotunda is half again as big. The furnishings are elegant and elaborate with Victorian and Roman influences.

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