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Our spot for the day!

Nat at 1.05pm! It's gona be a long day!

What a beautiful day...heeey heeey

I think we all know what this is!

1.10PM I'm already burnt!!

Enjoying a bit of shade

A bit of subliminal advertising

Aparently they do this to warn of large boats coming through! FACT

Amazing sunset over the bridge....there's a few more coming up so bare...


people partying at sunset!

A bit of Who Wants to be a Millionaire

Camera was at taking photo's of fireworks but this does look quite...

I'm in the moooood for dancing

The 800th Abba pose of the night!

I have no words to explain this!

I think we were going for scared in this one!

whoop whooop!

Ahhhh James and Nat


The girlies

woaaaahhhhh the hokey cokey!!!!!!!!


Are you proud Mum and Dad! all that worrying and look.....I turned...

Andy with his fist sized head!



It's all going off!


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :)

And so on with the party

This is what happens when a smokers cigarette falls out.....bad times

The crazy Hetster! Watch out....she'll take your hand off!

Told you!

Byeee byeeee


Today we had an early start as we said previously we are going to Cremone Point to try and get a spot to spend the day and watch the fireworks!

We managed to get there at 10.45 and it was already pretty packed!

I spoke to Nat and she was running late and told us one of her mates Lucy was there already so we found a pretty good spot then went to find her.

It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be trying to find someone you have never met before! as she was pretty much sitting right by us! so she come and joined us and we waited for the rest.

Next was Hetti and Andrew! shortly followed by Nat James and JoJo......and about another 20 or so people.

The spot we picked out didn't turn out to be the best spot in the world as there was absolutly no shade! and I got burnt within 2 hours!

Nat and I had a great idea to go and find a shop to buy some rubber rings from and go for a dip in the Harbour, but whilst asking an old local couple wher the nearest shop was they informed us that the harbour was full of sharks! so it was a good job we asked them for directions really!

It turned out there was a swimming pool right where we were sitting anyway so we kept going in there to cool down as it was stinking hot all day.

Finally the sun went down and we were all pretty relived as we hadn't really been able to do much all day as it was so hot.

They had some preview fireworks at 8.00 and they were pretty cool but we quickly realised that the super camera we had brought wasn't great at taking pictures of fireworks which was a bit annoying!

the next 4 hours were filled with drinking and dancing as we had speakers and a few ipods on the go.

Finally the main event arrived and it didn't dissapoint! (apart from not being able to take very good pictures) it was an amazing show! and completly worth the 13 hours+ of getting burnt!

when it was all over we left with Nat as we had planned to have a little after party at hers! This all went a bit strange though as we ended up in some guys house we met whilst walking to the bus stop, and spent the next few hours drinking their beer and chatting to someones Aunt and Uncle! Very strange and still have no idea what it was all about but we did end up getting a lift to the town to get our bus which was handy as we were in the middle of nowhere!

I think we made it home around 4.30am! after a really long hot funny day!

Happy New Year everybody!


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