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The heat and strenuous activity is making my body pay for it. Headache. Oh the thrills of spending most of the afternoon in bed resting and getting lots of fluids. Now it's not like I didn't have anything to drink through the day, hell I'd downed two Gatorades and water AND juice. I'd also kept my salt levels up but my undoing was the Ngilgi Cave at Yallingup.

The cave was discovered in 1899 by Edward Dawson and was turned into a tourist destination a year later. Now it has some pretty good history and definitely worth a look at $17 but you are not to take drinks with you. Now I came out of their looking almost like a drowned rat from the sweat. Not being able to replenish along the way can not be good for you. I understand the frailness of the place so I can deal with that but a free water fountain at the exit should be looked into.

It's only about 20 degrees inside no matter the temperature outside but the humidity is through the roof. You also travel about 12 stories underground...and of course back up! The walkways are good for the most part but I did slip twice even in my good boots and you wouldn't want to be very tall or not good at getting around objects. They have a lot of spots were you can catch your breath as not only is the going a bit tough but the carbon dioxide is higher than normal which makes catching your breath take a bit longer. The guy at the bottom who is there to answer your questions and shows you some of the examples, is only on duty for three hours as that is as much as they are allowed for safety reasons.

It was my first time in a cave and I wasn't as paranoid as I thought I might be. I have this fear of getting stuck down in one with no way out. But like my thing with bridges, it's the fear of an early death that's more of an issue. I'm glad I went as it's quite the site. The one spot where you are encouraged to lay on your back to look up at the ceiling is well worth it.

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