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Truck Transport to Cabo

Approaching Cabo Polonio

Apparant Glacier Action!?

Cabo Polonio Lighthouse

The Long View of Cabo Polonio - Our Approach via Truck

Sea Lions on the Rocks...Male is Far Right

Lots of Wind at Cabo Polonio

Pretty Basic Place

Short bus ride then a park service dbl decker truck thru sand dunes to Cabo...probably the most unique approach to a town we've ever experienced! Trucks run every half hour so there is a constant movement of people in/out of 'town'...mostly young folks, kind of a hippy thing going on here. This is a national park now so they say no more building or even additions to existing houses, establishments...explains the high prices! Left/lost my 5th cap at the Altena 5000 Hostel back in La Palonia and because there is no shade/in hot sun here. I sit in shade of a 'store' listening to Elvis songs while the others search out lodgings...turns out the cheapest was the first they went to, 2 small rooms w/ beds, nothing else, for more than we paid in La Palonia hostel. Before I venture away from this shade I have to buy a 6th hat which I own for about an hour when the relentless wind here blew it into the ocean. Luckily, the sun has disappeared behind clouds so I go w/out, ha!

After a nice hike along the ocean seeing sea lions lounging and the lighthouse we head to the bus ticket office which now is closed due to no electricity. We find out that trucks begin running at 8am to the highway and we can buy tickets on the passing bus back to La Paloma. After some eats we return to our rooms just as it begins to rain...actually, pour...for several hours when it then clears enuf for an orange-looking sky and sun set. Jake and Beth head out for some recreation but find little...then after 2 am I hear pounding music which comes from a Disco right across from where we are staying. The tempo and intensity increases until 5am when it suddenly ends and I am able to sleep a couple hours.

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