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Our very cheap but scrumdiddleyumptious din dins!

No, that isn't all MY bread mum!!!!

2 hours into our little stroll to the park with a 5...

Andy and Hett mock our new (throw away) camera!!

Andy gives his "Nacho Roll" creation the 'Golden Point'!!!

A lovely sunset. Shame this GBP 5.00 camera doesn't pick it up...

Andy's hands were stained by the super cheap nachos he had been...

The smokers on the 'line of shame'.

It ain't cool kids!!!

And this is where they slept

Cutting some shapes in Scruffys. Em takes off and then shows off...

Then it all went a bit 'funny'. James had a few babyshams...

Halloween comes around again so quickly doesn't it!?!?!


The gang. And a man with a cheesy wotsit in his ear.

James drinking the blood of a virgin. Or a snake bite.

As we had actually planned to go to the outdoor cinema and watch James Bond last night, but couldn't due to the weather, so we re-arranged to go today and invited a few people to come with us.

We didn't do too much in the day apart from going to the supermarket to get some nibbles and booze for tonight. Oooh we have found the most amazing cheap pasta sauce from woolies so we had pasta with zuchini and bacon in a delish $1.99 sauce! (we are now back in cheap food traveller mode after expensive crimbo food!)

We had invited Nat and company and also Hetti and Andrew.

We decided to walk to the park as it didn't look too far was! especially with a cool bag full of goon!

Eventually we found it and also found Hetti and Andrew (who managed to get in for free! grrrrr!) and then Nat and James turned up.

We all watched the film and had a little drinkie poos and then Nat, James and us decided to head out after to a place called Scruffy Murpheys which is an Irish bar in the city.

After a bit of a boogie and a few more drinks we retired for the evening and headed home.

Really good to see Nat again! and we have arranged to meet up tomorrow to go and climb the bridge together!


p.s the photos aren't great due to us using a throw away camera until we find a new grown up one to replace our other, ehem, misplaced one!

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