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Left 6am to drop off Andrea at airport on our way to Sepilok and Orang Rehab Center. A real disappointment!! For all the hype, at feeding time the keepers brought out a young male who proceeded to have sex with every (3) female and dominate the feeding platform entirely! This was totally uninteresting after the first 5 minutes unlike our experience in Kuching where all the Orangs came from the surrounding rain forest of their own free will (not at the end of a rope like the young male in this case).

Unfortunately, I have no record of any of our Kuching experience! You've heard the expression 'a picture is worth 1000 words'. Well, I am several million words poorer as I inadvertently deleted all my photos which I have taken for the past 3+ months - Leh Dok, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Malaysia, Borneo, & Brunei! I'm heartbroken, crushed, empty, I really can't tell you in words what I feel. Needless to say the website will experience a great void. Bon takes a few photos and for different reasons. I'm focused on using them to tell a story of our journey - not just places visited but hopefully a flavor, some details and ideas which remind me of the people and places. Now I am at a loss as to where to begin - I feel like I've disappointed not only myself but many who look forward to these glimpses of living in these lands which is how I see the role of these photos. They're not great quality but perhaps just a glimpse of what we see from our 'bubble' moving thru the countryside, towns, villages, cities.... Bon has tried to commiserate and points out that she has suffered similar losses along the way. I know she means well but my sadness and anger at myself remain. I was so stupid that I just cannot reason anymore! Keeping this journal has been difficult enough but when I began to rely on the photos I felt I could at least make some sense of the travel.

After the rehab fiasco, we went to Agnes Keith House in Sandakan. She was an author

Wiki Info Agnes Keith, famous for her 'realistic' description of life in Borneo pre-, during, and post WWII. Her husband worked as the British appointed Forestry Conservator (a misnomer if I've ever heard one) overseeing the first clear cutting of Borneo. Her ex-pat life of privilege in what was then truly a primitive culture makes for eye opening reading.

We returned to Sepilok B &B where we found fellow travelers, Christian & Helena from Germany who we'd met at Greenview B & B in Sukau. Stayed up chatting and listening to a terrific downpour/monsoon style. They said it was the remnants of the typhoon which hit the Philippines the week before.

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