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Arrivng downtown today...

It really is in a lovely area, and a friendly town to...

The Tony Roma's restaurant I mentioned earlier...

Crossing the bridge at the end of town to see Bow Falls...

We've arrived, beautiful!

View to our right...

We climbed and climbed for a better view...

And were rewarded with this shot!

Back at the bottom, some folks were kind enough to take our...

One final view, awesome!

Moving on down the road and across another bridge is the local...

This is the clubhouse, interesting shape!

For a sum of $219, you too can play one round!

There were plenty of takers today, beautiful weather for golfing!

Crossing the bridge, over the Swift River, heading back to town from...

And this pretty tree lined road, in Tunnel Mountain, is the path...

Yesterday we stayed home and Larry worked on our datastorm system all day long! We have been having issues for months now, especially with out Internet. Our modem just will not stay up for any period of time. We've been blowing a fan on it trying to keep it cool, which seems to help for about 20 minutes. Bottom line, we purchased a new (used) modem and it is now in place and seems to be working fine. So, we've got our fingers crossed. And, as you already know, we are on a new satellite and TV is much better and quicker to lock on. Don't know if we will have either for the weekend as we are moving into a heavily wooded area outside of Jasper. But please stop by and check us out, you never know!

We went into Banff one last time today to fuel and pick up a few groceries. This is a town of 8,000 so we knew there had to be a few businesses off the 'tourist beat'. We located a Safeway after searching a bit. One interesting note, the shopping carts were chained together, much like the airport carts are. After a bit of confusion, we learned that you only use one after inserting a Canadian quarter. When you return it to the line and re-insert the chain, you get your quarter back! One way to keep the carts out of the very small parking lot! Prices were very costly compared to the states, except for perhaps the sale items. However, not nearly as expensive as eating out. We ate one meal out when we first arrived and $28.00 for two cheeseburger's just seemed a bit extravagant. So, all other meals have been eaten at home.

There are three 'chain' restaurants here (that we saw), McDonald's, Chili's and a Tony Roma's. Everything else is privately owned. There are no Target, Wal-mart's, Kohls, Macy's etc in the area. The only supermarket that we saw was the Safeway. I read that the government owns all of this land, so the town pays $550,000 per year to do business and stay operational. Perhaps the reason for the higher pricing. And a point to note if the government begins to run everything? We spoke to several locals who say that taxes are high on everything, and the medical system stinks! Makes us grateful to be US citizens. Anyway, we leave Saturday morning for Jasper, traveling the Icefields Parkway. We understand it is spectacular. So we'll see you there ok?

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