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Quebec City

Quebec City

Aug. 7, 2019 - Drove from Bainville, Ont. to Quebec City. Got to KOA in Quebec, City around 4:00. Had a good driving day, but I messed up at the end and we went closer to downtown Quebec City in rush hour traffic, than we needed to. Good thing Alvin is easy going and doesn't get rattled easily. The traffic got a little crazy and it could have been avoided. I better smarten up or he may look for a new navigator!!

Met a couple staying in the rv park from Timothy Lake.

Started raining when we went to bed.

Aug. 8, 2019 - Was raining fairly heavily when we got up. Caught the 9:00 shuttle to downtown. Good thing we had umbrellas with us. It was still raining we got downtown and got on the Hop On Hop Off bus. The lower part of the bus was crowded as no one wanted to sit up top. Also people were not getting off to walk around. After one trip around is was lunch time and it had mostly quit raining. Walked to a little restaurant and had a nice lunch outside. Shortly after lunch it started to rain quite hard so went into a crepe restaurant to some dessert crepes and coffee. They were very good!! By the time we finished it had stopped raining again. Walked around downtown and then caught the early shuttle back to the park. Had salad and chilli for supper in the rv. Fueled up so we are ready to leave in the morning.

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