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A Tow to the Shop

Monticello Front Entrance

Monticello North Entrance

Flowers at Monticello 1

Flowers at Monticello 2

Jefferson's Observetory

The Garden

1809 State of the Art Kitchen

Ice Storage (Ice lasted through July)

Typical Slaves Quarters

Cindy with Thomas Jefferson

We have put quite a few miles behind us since reentering the United States. Many of the interstates in Maine, Vermont, Hew Hampshire, New York and Philadelphia are terrible. They should be embarrassed that whey are charging tolls on I-95 considering the condition of the highways.

Upon entering Philadelphia we hit a bad stretch of road and had a blowout on the front right of our coach. After waiting two hours for a tow truck, we finally got to the only tire store within a hundred miles that could replace our two front tires. What started out to be about a 4 hour travel day turned out to be about a 14 hour day.

Anyway we arrived in the Fredericksburg VA area and spent a wonderful day at Monticello. (The home of Thomas Jefferson). Cindy and I were there about 15 years ago but they have made remarkable improvements to the place and it is far more educational than it was on our first visit. This is another of those places in States that every American should visit. It is incredible what you learn about he Revolutionary Period, Thomas Jefferson, and the subject of Slavery. I will not even attempt to explain any of this because they are all subjects that you need to think about yourself. Jefferson lived to be 83 years old and accomplished so much in his life it is amazing.

I will give you the first part an issue that I have always wondered about. As you know, he was the author of the Declaration of Independence where he clearly stated that "all men are created equal". In the same note, Jefferson in his lifetime owned over 600 slaves. The two statements seem to be in conflict. Jefferson, although a slave owner, also was conflicted by the idea of slavery. He actually had a plan to abolish slavery but did not live long enough to see it through. I won't tell what his plan was but it was interesting. You will have to look it up for yourself. I think you will find it interesting too. Again, if you haven't ever visited Monticello, you need to.

Fredericksburg is a beautiful and historical town. The city has done a remarkable job of preserving their history while growing at the same time. The downtown area is beautiful and full of history. We enjoyed a wonderful time with our friends Wayne and Joyce and look forward to more visits.

We left for Florida and will be staying a couple days in Ormond Beach before returning home on Thursday.

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