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Caged bird

Boats on the rice paddies and the city

Breaking stones for rubble sales



Galápagos tortoise


Crocodile group


Turkish Airlines bathroom - live plant

The night before I made arrangements for a cab to pick us up, then get James, then to the crocodile farm, and to the airport. We packed our bags and got a scale and all seemed well (but scale a bit squirley). At 10:00 the cab arrived and we headed to pick up James. Lots of traffic but we finally got to him and off to the Crocodile Farm.

Through a town on the outskirts of the airport where lots of people were crushing granite for rubble and selling it in piles. Normal sort of town. As we approached the farm there was a big open space where anyone could sit and look at the crocodiles. We parked and headed off for a 1 ½ hour tour.

Once inside a volunteer guide showed up and introduced up too many birds and caged animals. We came across a couple chameleons just hanging out. There was a big turtle pen with tortoises and a pond with lots of water turtles. There was even a Gallopades Tortoise. A couple chilly snakes were also there.

The big attraction was the crocodile and egret pond – hundreds of them – both birds and crocks – most of the crocks a pretty good size. The guide said they fed them chickens. Anyway, we gave the guide a tip and went to the gift shop. I used the rest of my Madagascar money and bought an aluminum sea turtle shell – very pretty!

Then off to the airport and checked in with two bags each – all within the weight limit, then we boarded a mostly empty plane and headed for Mauritania where the plane filled up! We watched a couple of movies and had a meal, then got a bit of sleep as well before arriving in Turkey.

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