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Newcastle Waters school had 15 students and two teachers the day we...

The Drover's Memorial at Newcastle Waters

Renner Springs

Dirt road to the Devils Pebbles

The Devils Pebbles

Afternoon sun shining on the Devils Pebbles

Telegraph Repeater Station

Leaving Daly Waters we headed for the one time droving town of Newcastle Waters which was a gathering place for drovers on their gruelling overland cattle drives. It is located at the junction of three major overland stock routes, and was an important source of provisions and a place to rest before drovers continued on their way. Pretty much a ghost town now with preserved National Trust historic buildings, there is also a Drover's Memorial Park, featuring a very life-like bronze statue of a drover. It was sad to think that with the introduction of the road train in the 1960s droving, a big part of Australia's history became obsolete.

Jamie Packer spent a year as a jackaroo at the nearby Newcastle Waters station when his family owned it.

The aboriginal children from the nearby school were all outside excitedly watching an emu walking by. Signs around the school asked that children not be photographed which was fair enough.

We spent the night in a cabin at Renner Springs Desert Inn, there were chickens and three day old chicks running around the grounds. Very cute, not so cute was the rooster that woke us up throughout the night. The nearby springs and lagoon attract a great deal of colourful and noisy birdlife at dusk.

Renner Springs is considered the border between the Tropics and the Desert. So with a drop in humidity the nights will now be much colder. Time to get the long trousers back out of the suitcase.

We visited the Devil's Pebbles which are a sacred site to the Warumungu Aboriginal people, they call them Kunjarra. They are a smaller version of the Devil's Marbles and are used for secret women's rituals. There is signage asking for no photography of certain formations.

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