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there is some green in the desert


the big purchase


would these work in our snowy yard?



set a spell


these plants look real but???

Tubac is a quaint town about an hour south of Tucson. It appears that its sole purpose is to be a "ladies who lunch" sort of spot. Rich ladies come here with fistfuls of cash ready to buy creative and clever works of art, jewelry, and one-of-a-kind clothing and the sorts of gee gaws you don't know you need until you see them. Little cafes serve locally sourced frou frou food. It's a wonderful spot to spend the day, made even more so when the streets are taken over by the artisan fair which is an annual event. We came here with friends the first day of the fair and spotted some items that would look great in our house, but it was clear that while credit cards were gladly accepted, cold, hard cash made the prices far more reasonable. We did not come prepared.

We thought we had done a good job of "seeing it all," but came back today on the last day of the fair with cash in hand to see how much negotiation would yield. We had two items in mind and got a great price on one. The creator of the lamp we loved would not budge enough, so we brought some cash home again and will save it for a rainy day, which around here is never. We ended up walking the whole town again. When you look to the right at something that catches your eye you can easily miss something on the left. Most of the vendors came from colder climes. We loved the woodwork of a friendly fellow from Iowa, who feels as lucky to be here as we do. We feel undying admiration for clever, artistic types that can take a piece of wood and a chunk of metal and end up with a work of art, unlike anything we have seen. As artisan fair aficionados we have seen a lot, but Tubac continues to delight.

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