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See Tuesday. And probably tomorrow...

It is very odd that one should so quickly fall into a kind of “routine”, when we are supposed to be on holiday from such, but so it is.

The sun shone more today, the temperature has gone up to the dizzy heights of almost 18 degrees. Both days clouded up a little later on; when J went out to look at stars last thing, there was just one to be seen, and that was probably a planet.

The vessel continues to bob about like a cork in a whirlpool, we now have a message on the ship’s passenger information tv channel reminding people to move about the ship carefully and hold the handrails. It is quite disconcerting to be crossing the crowded restaurant to the table, only to walk into a pillar that definitely was not there seconds before,,,,not that any readers would recognise this sensation, but it is akin to the feeling after the 3rd or more glass of wine.

This does not trouble us unduly, except when moving around, which is just as well as it will likely continue for several more days.

Spent some time comparing opinions of trips ashore at various places with our dinner companions last night. Slightly taken aback by finding they did not go ashore in Nagasaki as most of the advertised trips included a visit to the Peace Park, which they did not want to do as “all due respect and all that, but let’s face it, they started it”.

They also do not intend to go ashore on our final stop in the Azores (in 5 weeks’ time, tee hee) as they have been on so many cruises that all call there, they feel they have seen it all. As I said before, we have some “interesting” fellow passengers.

Much grieved that although we have SkySports News channel, and SkySports 1, we do not have SkySports 2, so am unable to sit up all night to watch the T20 cricket semi final. It is just starting at about 11.30pm.

We also get BBC World News, as a result of which we are now well up on the Asian economy and Cuban/US visit, but less well up on UK info. I guess if something important happened (David Cameron resigned? Guy Fawkes blows up Parliament?) it might make the world headlines, but we are adrift in an ocean of ignorance about UK news in detail as wide as the Pacific we are slowly crossing (still, disconcertingly, in an easterly direction).

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