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Kluane Range/Icefields

Kluane Range/Icefields - take 2

Kluane Range/Icefields - take 3

Traveler's Advice on wall at Haines Jct visitor center

Kluane Range/Wildflowers

Kluane Lake

Bird visited our campsite at dinner time - locals say it's a...

Kluane Icefields in the evening

Kluane Lake - Evening Reflection

Kluane Lake - Ruby Range evening reflection

Prairie Dog w/babies, how cute is that?


we departed Whitehorse headed toward Tok, we made it just past Haines Junction, and stayed at Congdon Creek campground short of Destruction Bay. We experienced a lot of frost heaves in the road along with some road construction, pilot car, long stretches of gravel, etc., so we didn't make it as far as we would have liked to, however, we did experience some of the most breath taking scenery yet on this trip. We also stopped at the visitor center in Haines Junction which had free wifi and is a beautiful facility. We continued on thru the Kluane mountain range/icefields, and ended up dry camping at a Govt. campground right on Kluane Lake. This is the largest lake in the Yukon (your geography lesson for the day, lol), and it is surrounded by the Kluane Range and the Ruby range. Shortly after arriving at the CC Campground, we met a fun loving couple, Deb & Gordon from Regina Sask. (and their dog, Pixie who I promptly re-named "ms crabby pants" because she growled at us as we walked by their campsite) We visited with them for quite awhile on arrival, and then later they stopped by and gave us some maps that they were done with (they were heading south, we are headed north), which was a very kind gesture indeed; Hope to meet up with them again in this lifetime. We went for a long walk that evening along a nature trail, and then hiked back via the lakeshore, retreated to our campsite about 10:30 pm, it was still broad daylight (we just can't get over that). Oh, one other side note, while prairie dogs were not really the type of wildlife we anticipated on this trip, we did stop at a large field on the way back from our walk and witness a mother with her 2 pups, and the pups were nursing on her. Got a few pics, but you wouldn't know what was going on if you hadn't been there, they were so cute!! Ok, time to get to the task of picking some of the best pics to post from this day, it's not going to be easy!! (I forgot to mention, wildflowers are plentiful, see photos!!)

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