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one of the two Gate Houses to Lathom Hall (which no longer...

Cromwell cannon ball mould

and plaque

Alms houses attached to the church

The plaque says 1300's from the original church

the interior of the 1500's church

The Lathom church

two very well behaved dogs

waiting patiently and hoping

The Ship Inn


his grandfather (greatgrandfather to my lot

Off to Southport, but more of that later. The reason for this detour was the meeting with the family. Its a convoluted story but accidently, in looking for information for a couple of my children re their family in England I came across Nick, who turned out to be an uncle; their fathers half brother that he didnt know he had. SO suddenly they had some extra relatives. (they already had lots on my side, so why not a bit of balance?) It took me some time to track Michael down in Perth and during that time Nick and I exchanged quite a few emails. And Nick had sent photos of his Dad and grandfather and of his children and I’d sent some of mine. And a couple of my lot sent welcome to the family type emails to their uncle.

Nick has had a recent operation on his hip his wife Lyn took on the driving. We started with the sights of Southport (a very posh town in the days of Victoria and later. Now losing its 'shine'.

During the drive I saw not only Southport but went past several of the nine golf courses in the area, past bird sanctuaries and of course agricultural areas as we were now in the country. Then to Lathom.

We then went to Lathom, which is where the Lathoms and the Lathams seem to have originated from. And in the dim distant past the people of that area had viking forebears. So full circle for Ashley? (I assume people got their names, not from being descended from Lord Latham but as 'Tom of Lathom' type census records. I don't think Nick is a royalist, so would prefer to be Nick of Lathom!

The Lathoms were Royalists and anti Cromwell

The church, which seems to be where you always go when you want local history, was closed, but a tradesman working on one of the cottages also had a key to the church

He let us in to have a look around and told us a bit about the place.

This cupboard for vestments came from the previous church

It was the best preserved church I've ever seen.

Nick and lyn have two beautiful dogs. I admit I was rather taken with the German Pointer. His colouring is such that he looked as if he had a fur stole around his shoulders!

Then to the Ship Inn, by the Liverpool Manchester canal (brought back some canal memories. Still looks a relaxing way to pass the time!

I hope you can read the 'Blood Tub' story. As always

I think its a 'take your pick' of which one you want to be true!

Back to Nick and Lyn’s house for tea and scones and looking at more photos. After a while it feels like you can see bits of your children in every photo! There certainly were some, but often I think that the likeness isn’t always really obvious. It’s a passing expression or movement that catches you and you think OMG that looked like xxx just then.

This was taken before the First World War.

So are there any family likenesses? (for those who know my children)

I really appreciated the time Nick and Lyn spent with me. Lyn especially, she has been doing the work that Nick would usually be doing. She is now not only chief cook and bottle washer, she is also the daily dog walker; the gardener; the driver; the shopper as well as visiting her 94 year old mother daily and supporting her. The English version of meals on wheels is a victim of the budgetary cutbacks. They’re privatising it. SO Lyn also cooks her mums meals. So any appreciation for Nicks time is doubled for Lyn!

Nick Is wondering what I might say about him in my journal! Suffice to say, he has lots of local knowledge about the history of the area, which I always appreciate, and he has a sense of humour which I also always like.

I did wonder before I met them how lyn coped with his passion for family trees and family history but Lyn too is doing her family, so that would work well.

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