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Well everyone, we have some very big new!!! It's been a long time coming, and finally after just over 2 weeks, we can finally, proudly say that we have finally made a trip without me turning on he windshield wipers instead of the turning signal on the car!!! After 2500km travelled, I am very proud to have overcome this daunting task! We were up and on the road again this morning. We started our travels down to the southern tip of the north island. We stopped off at the TUI Brewery on our way south, which kinda slowed our travelling time as they brew quite tasty beer and had great food. We ate and had beer, went on the tour of the brewery, the ate and had beers agin. After 4 hours of driving, we arrived in The capital of New Zealand, Wellington. Huge city this is, and I instantly was reminded how much I dislike city driving! After a few missed turns due to Marsha (our GPS) being slow, we finally arrived at Christina's house. We had just enough time to unpack, and we were out the door to do some off roading along the coast with a few of Christina and Jimmy's friends. After about a 45 minute drive through the sands rocks and streams, we arrived at our fishing destination. We got suited up in wet suits, and took to the ocean. One of the guys with us was spear fishing, and the others 2 of us were finding a rock fish that stick to the rocks and you stick u screw driver under them before they latch onto the rock in order to force them off. Was a neat experience. The water was a little chilly, so Kara and Christina hung out on the beach and got some amazing sunset pictures of the South Island across the ocean. After making our way back to their house, we met some more of their local friends and had a few beers then off to bed.

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