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Air Plane Play Set

Chocolate Cake!

Plaza Abraham Lincoln

July 29th

Our last day in Ecuador and we had it all to ourselves… until 4:15 that is.

We got up late and messed around in the room then decided on a walk. We headed down hill to one of the city parks – “La Carolina.” Beautiful park. At one end a Sphinx – like statue where two women were holding what looked like a religious ceremony with a small fire on the statue and a pile of flower pedals. As we walked further there was kite flying, soccer. RC airplanes, picnics, vendors setting up stalls, and an elaborate play set for the kids – Including an actual airplane!

Walking the length of the park we decided to stop for a bite to eat – so into a “Bagetta” – or small bakery – and had a piece of very nice chocolate cake. We wandered on for a bit on the main street until it ran out of shops then got a cab back to the hotel. Alice was tired (and hadn’t packed) so I went off by myself in search of a super market!

Next to the hotel was “Plaza Abraham Lincoln” with a bust of a young Abe. It was erected to celebrate the freeing of the slaves. Then down the hill past a stand where you could buy cigarettes one at a time from open packs. Finally found the “Super Maxi” and was a bit intrigued by the name but it was indeed a grocery store/ super market – with everything from hand tools (shovels, picks) to wine to fresh meats and fish to can goods… everything you would find in a US store – including many brands that were found in the US – Kellogg’s, Nestle, and various cleansers.

Purchased some items then headed back to the hotel where we finally got all the luggage together and, at 2:00 PM checked out of the room. We stored the luggage at the hotel and had some lunch at a small place across the street, then a little further down the street to a small ice cream place. You paid the manager and he yelled at the servers what you wanted… Back to the hotel.

At 4:00 the folks from Gate 1 showed up and took us to the airport. We checked in at 4:30 to begin the journey home.

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