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After a great eve @/ Moonstone's chatting, we drove to Canada del Diablo where Pablo and his eldest brother vey expertly put Blue into storage mode. He then drove us to the bus station by 9:30 where we sat til 11:30 for AGUILA bus. It was the first of 3 buses we ended up on! The first 2 Aguila buses got us to Guerrero about 2am where we finally ended up on a ABC bus (this did not break down) @ 4:30am, Arr in Tijuana at 3:30pm! Raining, taxi to border, then think ing a tout knew something, (we saw a huge lineup for walking across border), who convinced us we would be able to get across faster by bus! HA!

A little background...

We needed to get to a US Post Office to mail a pa

ckage incl Bon's sleeping bag, phone, etc and our tax forms! Thinking a PO would be closed by 5 we were anxious to cross asap!

Long story short, we were sitting in the bus over an hour waiting finally ending up walking over anyway, ha! Luckily there was a PO service w/ boxes just over the border by a McD's so off went the box. Also we were lucky enuf to connect w/ family a last time and Bon's financial guy who gave me all the info to complete taxes which I was able to mail from the airport next day, yahoo!

An easy tram ride to our pre-arranged ON @ Motel 6 near airport. A short 4 hour "nap" and then up at 5:30am for shuttle to airport flight at 7:50am...stop in Dulles, stop in Frankfurt, and finally to Tunis!

Our experience w/ United personnel was very pleasant, they helped us out with courtesy and smiles all along the way, but service wise, ie food= zero! Just the reverse w/ Lufthanza, personnel very abrupt but FOOD, YES! We learned that it was best to lock our bags and the security police would only contact us if they needed to get into our bags.

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