Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Shirley's former co worker Jewel

Lisa and Marcus under cover.

Shirley ready for the rain.

#33 but first in our hearts.

Nice looking swing.

Good looking ballpark

Go Cougars!

Set to warm up the pitcher.

Today we went separate ways. Shirley took off for Clearwater to lunch with a former cytotech co worker. I on the other hand went to the dentist. Evidently sometime Tuesday I cracked a crown. Not badly but they say I need a new one. We are going thru Atlanta in early May so I am going to see how it goes. No pain and it appears just to be a small hole. We no longer have dental insurance BUT since I was referred by my nephew Tim they took $50 off the bill and it only cost me $50. Not bad. Then we waited for our grand niece Payton's varsity fast pitch softball game to begin at 7. The weather threatened all day but the game started on time under ominous skies. It was the top of the 6th when when it started to pour. We left. I can't imagine they finished to game. It was (a southern term) a gully washer. Shirley is currently across the street in the campground laundromat drying our wet duds. It is still pouring. Payton plays at a very high level but being a freshman she is getting situational play. She pinch hit with runners in scoring position and I thought she dumped a single over the third baseman's head but the left fielder came on the run to make a nice catch of what we thought was a sure run scoring hit. Too bad but great to see her play. Tomorrow off to see the manatees. Enjoy the pics.

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