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The queen finds Moses!!!

How the pyramids were built

Alice tattoo #2


The Nile at night

Whirling Dervish

Up at 8:00 and breakfast, then board the bus for our trip to the Pharoic Village located about a mile away. A “living history” exhibit. Started off at a gift shop, with actual prices marked on things – and they were reasonable - really a shock! Then we boarded a barge and were pulled through the exhibit – started with statues of various gods, then ended up with little tableaus of life in Egypt – starting with a woman finding Moses in the reeds and handing him off to the queen! Imagine doing that 100 times a day!

Then some village scenes, general living, and some crafts – interesting but too little to really get a good idea of how things were actually done – everything from planting to pottery to sculpture, all in costume. Even the fisherman caught some plastic fish! Most of the actors were real, but there were a couple of manikins luring in some displays.

Docked and were led into a small snack area where the kids got ice cream. One had a bad reaction and got very sick... Of course, another gift shop where we watched a glass blowing exhibit and Alice got yet another henna tattoo. Then off to a couple museums. Tour of what a noble Egyptian's house was like, then a peasant's, how the pyramids were built, a full scale reproduction of King Tut's tomb as it was when it was opened, and ended up at a museum on Islam – probably the most interesting part of the day!

Then back on to the barge, back to the gift shop and, after a few more purchases, we headed off to have some lunch at a local resort. Nothing special. Then back to the hotel and the kids headed for the pool.

Met with Said to pick up some cartouches we had ordered, then got dressed and headed out for a dinner cruise on the Nile. Dinner wasn't great, but nice views and entertainment – singers, belly dancer, and a couple whirring dervishes. Docked, bought some very salty peanuts from a street vendor, then back to the hotel right in the middle of a wedding celebration with the bride and groom in the middle, a band marching and playing around them, and the rest of the party looking on and clapping in time to the music. . Said goodbye to Said as his duties are over and he is off to Luxor tomorrow. Said goodbye to Melissa, John, Jordan, and Jay who will be leaving at 4:00 AM for Paris.

Finally got Alice to bed at 10:30. Was going to have a drink but found outthat at the hotel one mixed drink is 140 LE – or about $28.00...

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