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To get to Pittsburgh you have to go through Squirrel Hill

Through the mountain

Entering Pittsburgh

Bessemer Court - food and shopping

The Clinton Furnace

Clinton Furnace

The French & Indian War about 1682

Generals Forbes & Washington 1700's

Fort Pitt on point between Allegheney & Monogahela

Washington 1754

Lewis & Clark 1803

Glassmaking 1870

Pittsburgh 1845

Coal helped the steel industry early 1900's

Rivers flooded in 1936

Cleaner steel production by 1947

The Steelers

The Penquins

Here comes our tour boat

The Gateway Clipper Fleet

The Duquesne Incline (pronounced doo-cane)

Downtown Pittsburgh

Everyone parks below the freeway and walks to work

Steelers Stadium

Memorial to Mr. Rogers

Carnegie Science Museum

Residents cooling off in the fountain

Pirate Stadium

Old building, before A/C, built so all rooms have windows

These end structures left natural

This side was painted

Canoe class

Family fun

The Monogahela Incline - we rode this in 2006

Tug moving coal up the river

Coming from the Ohio, looking at the point with Allegheny on the...

We heard of a river cruise in Pittsburgh on the three rivers - Allegheny, Monogahela & Ohio - that converge in Pittsburgh. The old Fort Pitt was on the point of land between the Allegheny & Monogahela which create the Ohio River.

We parked near Station Square (full of hotels and shops) and lunched in Bessemer Court while waiting for our cruise time. In Bessemer Court they display a blast furnace for making pig iron (which ended in 1927).

To get down to the dock for the tour boat, we traveled through time and Pittsburgh history murals along the walls of the tunnel under the railroad tracks which line the banks of the river.

The captain moderated our cruise explaining the buildings and some history of the bridges. One bridge with decorative posts was painted with brown paint before the city leaders were able to stop the builders to say they prefered the bronze pieces to remain natural. So one end is brown and the other is green.

There was an old building that was built (before A/C was invented) with an open center so that all the rooms would have windows to open in the warm summer months.

We saw the sports complex of both the Steelers and Pirates along the river and even a memorial to Mr. Rodgers who was from Pittsburgh. The rivers were clean and being used by families and groups for boating.

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