The Adventure Begins in '10' (2010) travel blog

Where we parked on Monday 9/27

the same area on 9/28 (after we moved to our "permanent" space

Our new space and neighbors (photo taken at about 7pm)

the first balloons we saw at 6:45 am this morning

a few more aflight

Standing in front of the oldest church in New Mexico

Live entertainment - yes we bought one of their CD's

This little restaurant is suppose to be the oldest building in Albuquerque...

Yesterday we saw 20 hot air balloons in the morning. I think the fuel burners woke us up at about six a.m. By six thirty we were up and headed outside. The balloons that flew were just the commercial pilots giving rides, but it was beautiful non the less. The festival doesn't start until Saturday (at 5:45 a.m!!) so we need to get used to getting up a little earlier. We got up this morning hoping to see more balloons, but there were only four or five way across the valley.

President Obama was in town and restricted the air-space so I'm sure that has messed things up a bit.

There are more and more rv'rs arriving all day long every day. The parking areas still have a lot of space available, but there are so many rigs here already.

We have gotten to know our immediate neighbor (Brad and Nancy) and plan on having dinner together tonight. Almost every time we take Anna for a walk to do her business we end up visiting with other rv'rs. Every one is so kind and so easy to talk to.

We took a shuttle to Old Town today and didn't get to see much there either because the shop-keepers were so friendly. Thank goodness we have so many more days here so we can get back there and see more of what that little part of town has to offer. We went into the oldest church in New Mexico- San Filipe de Neri Church. It has continually served it's community since it was founded in 1706. They still have services there.- Idaho recently celebrated it's centennial and New Mexico has already celebrated it's Tri-centennial!- guess Idaho is just a baby!

We stopped for a "refreshing beverage" and stayed so we could listen to live musicians playing indian flute music. It was so relaxing that more than an hour had passed before we knew it.

Tomorrow morning we plan on getting over to the launching field to see if there are any volunteer positions available. The literature says they need a lot of "chasers"....are you envisioning what we are?....chasing after a rogue balloon? I think it's a bit more controlled but I guess we'll see.

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