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The Bridges Area





Surveying the landscape


Small bridges - only a foot high.

The Cheese Box

Lake Powell near Hite Marina

Hite Marina

The ramp stops long before the water

It has become a ghost town

Launching was mostly down a ways

The bridge across this part of Lake Powell

A closer view

The lake from the bridge

Our RV parked along the road - a lunch stop


On the road


From Blanding, we drove west across Utah with two stops on the way to Capitol Reef National Park. First was Natural Bridges National Monument where there are three bridges. (An arch is formed by wind, but a bridge is formed by water). It was beautiful and a worthwhile stop.

After that we descended into Glen Canyon and thought it was gorgeous, and were having mixed feelings about simply being there and the travesty that our government created by building Glen Canyon Dam. The last spillway was closed in 1963, and it was at least 1980 before Lake Powell was completely flooded into being. On route 95 we crossed the Colorado River, aka Lake Powell's upper reaches, at Hite. Hite was once a gold boom town and then a uranium boom town and was finally drowned by Lake Powell. A marina was built there, and it has reverted into a ghost town again. Why? Because the ensuing drop in the level of Lake Powell with the drought conditions over the last decade has left the marina high and dry - see the photo of the boat ramp - completely above and far from the water now! The area is almost deserted, it reeks of decay, and has bad energy. We had hopes of kayaking there, but abandoned them quickly.

We drove on to Capitol Reef National Park to find that the campground was full, even though this is the least well-known of Utah's national parks. So we continued on 10 miles into Torrey and found a beautiful campground there called Thousand Lakes - great view, full hook-up, and fresh homemade hearth-baked bread for sale. We decided not to fight crowds and hustle over to the park early the next morning to claim a campsite in the national park campground, but rather signed up for two nights at Thousand Lakes.

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