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Here i am all on my lonesome in Thailand!

you know in movies where the heroine is plodding along nicely through life all singing and dancing and there is a brilliant track playing in the back ground and then all of a sudden the record scratches to an abrupt halt?!? well that was me yesterday!

Em and i have loved every minute of Bali and Lombok, then i get on the plane to Thailand - get picked up at the Airport by Tour Guide (incidentally that was the first time i have walked out of an airport and there was a sign with 'Miss Savery' written on..felt extremely special) and shown to a Silver Merc with leather seats. So im all nice and comfy in the back of this merc (singing away to myself to this soundtrack in my head) and then we pull up outside my hotel in Bangkok and the record does and almighty scratch and died a very slow death..

Bangkok is horrible! Dirty, busy, noisy and smelly...eurgh! ok i have only been in the Backpacker part so far so shouldnt judge it too soon but its not nice so far. So tonight i am getting out of here and going on a 12 hour overnight bus (yes i am insane) up to Chiang Mai which im hoping is more cultural and less frantic.. i have booked myself onto a cooking course on Thurs which should be fun and then my tour starts on Saturday mornign so i wont be on my own after that....then its countdown to coming home! yippee!

One good part of my day............I found a 'Boots' yep i am that sad, when you havent been in a Boots store for 15 months is amazing how much you miss was brilliant, all the products i love at half the price you pay in England, oh and i found a second hand book store and a music shop so that brightened my day a bit

anyway will email when i get to Chiang Mai and tell you how i burned the cooking college down

love to everyone

vik x

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