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Chili feed at Rich and Mary's

Joy after a big enchilada meal

Hot air balloons in Indio

Hto springs at the Slabs

Bob starting to work on his solar oven

Drove up to meet Dick and Linda at Indio on Saturday – for what we thought was going to be an hour’s drive. Came across a young couple with a flat tire, so we spent almost an hour helping them as they were “clueless” on changing a tire – the jack didn’t work right and they had to dig a hole big enough to change the tire...in 90 degree weather! We stopped at a date farm and got a “date shake”. It was pretty good, and plenty large enough for both of us.

Went to the Fantasy Springs Casino, grabbed some pizza and headed to the Improv Comedy Show. After that we did some gambling (no big pots, but I did come out a wee bit ahead). Took a wrong turn when leaving there at 10:30 and ended up having to drive 27 miles the wrong way on the Interstate before there was a place to turn around. So the hour’s trip up took 2-1/2 hours and the trip back 2 hours !!! We got home at 1 a.m. Weebles was sure happy to see us!

We’ve picked up hitchhikers a couple times going to town, and there are sure some different people out here. Of course after that, someone warned us that if the cops stop us for any reason, depending on who you have in your car they may find some “stash” under your seat!

Went to the laundromat today and started talking to some people, and darned if they didn’t follow me home! We sat around for a couple hours talking and the guys drinking beer.

We’ve had a couple feeds here with the neighbors across the road – one was enchiladas and the other chili. We’re headed to Mexico with Frank and Chara tomorrow and will stop at a casino on the way home to make California a little bit richer.

A first for today – we walked 2 miles. We didn’t put the dogpack on Weebles cause we didn’t think she’d make it that far carrying the extra weight, and it was 80 degrees by the time we started out. Got up to 95 today and is supposed to be in 90’s most of this week. Wish I could send some your way:)

Bob has started building a solar oven – will keep you posted with pics.

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