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Nick and his 2 Golden Goody burgers. Some quirks in ordering provided...


Talos Square - cleanest place in Greece, with a 10 screen movie...

Kyla at the Venetian Castle in Iraklion harbour

Venetian Castle in the Iraklion harbour

Not even the most decrepit scooter we found - just the one...

Stories on Iraklion to follow, but for now you'll have to make due with some photos!

In a nutshell, we

- ate at a Goody Burger, which is the Greek fast food joint

- went to the Minoan palace at Knossos, which was very historical, very reconstructed, very dusty, very hot, and called into question what an archeological site actually is (it was uncovered by Sir Arthur Evans in the 1900's, and he basically rebuilt the palace as he thought it should be, naming rooms, building pillars, painting frescos - raising the question, are we walking in the Minoan palace from 1700 BC, or are we walking in Evans's fantasy?)

- went to the Venetian castle

- at a fantastic gyro

- walked a lot.

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