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The Fijian farewell song is sung to us before we leave Coral...

Bit of a dark shot but they are still singing away!!

Over at Korovou now: L to R ---> Gareth, Sarah (Portsmouth), Jodi...

Another try, but the sun is so bright! Sarah and Jodi are...

Jodi and Helen having a giggle

Helen and Jodi at Korovou

Gareth has got this pose down to a fine art...

The clear blue sea at Korovou

In the morning we went for another snorkel effort! It was great! We love it.

If you haven't done it before - it's a very strange experience! When you first put your head under water it takes a long time to take a breath! The chances are, you'll also try and breath through your nose - no good!!

After a while you start breathing normally (even if it does sound a bit like Darth Vader) and you get to enjoy what you are looking at. The trick is not to swim OVER the coral, the chances are if you do you'll step on it and kill it :( The way forward is to swim along the edge of the reef. Becuase you are wearing flippers, you suddenly become an Olympic extra boyant swimmer that can do almost anything!

Wondering through the water, you have time to take in all the little objects, pick them up, and really see what goes on beneath. Gareth saw a bright blue starfish, which really shined as the sunlight blazed through the water. We also saw some 'Finding Nemo' fish! Great!

couldn't believe how far the current had taken him. He must have been between 30 - 50 metres away... (although with the others). He decided that he would swim back to Helen (Gentleman that he is!). Whilst swimming, he looked under the water through the goggles. He could see the floor, but no matter how hard he swam he couldn't beat the current! Before he knew it Helen was there anyway. We have to say, it was very, very choppy out there and very deep. It quite shook us up for a bit! We tried to snorkel but it was so choppy that water was going down our air pipes. We had to keep emptying the water out of them! As the boat came over to us, Gareth made a power-burst swim for the boat - knowing that once there the boat could pick the rest up. Just before he got to the boat it drove off! He was really peeved! When he swam back to Helen she was looking a bit pale. You can't talk when you have your mask on, but the look in her eyes said she wasn't happy. We decided to wait it out until the boat came back. All the others looked equally uncomfortable with the situation. Eventually the boat came back and Helen swam like a rocket to it. Gareth has never seen anyone get out of the water so fast in his life! We got in the boat followed by everyone else. We were a bit shook up.

Gareth's mum said to him that 1 in 4 get into trouble on their travels. Well Mum - you'll be glad to know that we had our bit of trouble and it's all good now!

The boat then drove up to a calmer stretch of water and then we spotted the Manta Rays. Although Helen didn't want to get back in the water Gareth leaped in. It was unforgettable! Manta Rays are huge black creatures that gracefully swim together. Gareth couldn't keep up, but they swam as though they were Swans, gracefully gliding through the water. Amazing.

When we got back to the resort Sarah and Jodi were there to hear our stories! It's a crazy business this travelling lark. You can never tell what's around the corner. There's no doubt that it's changing us. Helen is a lot stronger now, more confident. Things like new food don't bother her so much now. Gareth has learned that he has a knack of dealing with the big issues - when things go pear shaped he is the one who pulls it all together! We're the winning team!!

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