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Having fun is hard work

I know this sounds like we are complaining, but we aren't. We all know how blessed we are to be able to take this trip.

But saying that, sometimes you just need a down day! July 30th was that kind of day. Our original intention was to spend the day exploring this 1000 island area because we had heard how beautiful it was. We were on Wellesley Island about 4 miles from the Canadian border.

The parks we have been staying in range from bad to great. We have been utilizing our Passport America membership that allows us to stay in some RV parks for half price. Now, there are limits on this, such as restrictions on when you can stay and for how long. But, for the most part, these participating parks are somewhat off the beaten path and are not "resort" like. All of these parks have somewhat undesirable features for all of us. Varying from pit toilets, near the freeway, spots that are really hard to maneuver into, being close enough to your neighbor to pass the Grey Poupon out the window, to really uneven or muddy sites. But, we all feel that for the price we are paying, we can put up with anything for the few days we are there. Now, some of these parks are very green and have lots of trees and bushes that make Dusty the cat and Rocky the wonder dog very happy. Of course, we people like the grass and trees too.

That all said, the park we stayed in on Wellesley Island was all grass and bushes. Seemed like the best spot for a down day, or maybe it was just that we were all tired. So, with the exception of Tony and Juliann, who attended church and then took a boat ride, and Dick and Gail who went out for a nice Sunday breakfast, we mostly all sat in our chairs, napped, read, and caught up on some much needed rest. That meant that except for Tony and Juliann, we didn't see this area.

It was Gail's turn to fix dinner for the group and she did an excellent job as usual. We had a dinner of roast pork tenderloin, scalloped potatoes, a nice big green salad, bread and homemade cookies for dessert. Yum Yum. It always tastes better when you don't have to cook it.

We all made our reservations for the next week and are headed off for Vermont in the morning.

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