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Feng Shui path Kowloon park

Flower1 Kowloon park

Flower2 Kowloon park

Flower3 Kowloon park

Pink Flamingos

Everything is very official here even the slope is registered

We moved on to the last stop on our tour of China - Hong Kong.

For the first day's activities, a few of us chilled in the local Kowloon Park. Very theraputic and a nice quiet break from the bustling traffic and horns. The flowers and birds were a treat although the bird-flu signs were up warning people not to touch the birds and to wash their hands if they come in contact with birds or bird droppings.

The Feng Shui path was really cool. You could even go on a 1/2 day tour to learn how to do it properly. They take it very seriously over here - so much so that one building that was built without Feng Shui consultants' advice couldn't get any tenants to rent it - bad Feng Shui apparently.

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